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Accelerator 400 Accelerator 400 is used with epoxy hardeners to promote epoxy curing in amine systems. Accelerator 400 can be used with Huntsman JEFFAMINE® Polyetheramine range, but can also be used with most other amines.
ACCUMELT® and IGI® 2002A ACCUMELT® and IGI® 2002A waxes are used in ink applications as ink additives because they offer:

- Narrow molecular weight and sharp melting point
- Improved mar resistance
- Good release properties
- Helps with consistent colour in coloured inks
Alfares® Resin Kleen Alfares® Resin Kleen products have been designed for use in industrial cleaning applications; they can be used to remove partially cured and uncured resins from tools and spray equipment that have been used in epoxy, polyurethane and polyester applications.
Alfares® SL30 Alfares® SL30 is a biodegradable anionic surfactant offering excellent wetting and detergency whilst being environmentally friendly. Commonly used in metal working, homecare and industrial & institutional (I&I) applications.
Alkylalkanolamines Versatile, multi-functional molecules that combine the properties of amines and alcohols which can undergo reactions typical of both amines and alcohols, with the amine group usually exhibiting higher activity. Huntsman alkylalkanolamines primary applications include uses in the construction industry, such as cement additives.
Amines Used as accelerators, primarily in the construction industry in applications such as concrete and cement.
Anticor and Ferrocor Flash The Anticorand Ferrocor Flash are a range of additives which protect surfaces from corrosion. Includes anti-corrosives for aluminium, copper, magnesium, brass and ferrous surfaces.
APM N-aminopropylmorpholine (APM) is a highly reactive, low viscosity amine that can be used as reactive diluent in epoxy products e.g. coatings and adhesives, depending on the functionality as a chain extender or cross-linking agent in resins and as an accelerator for slower curing amine containing systems.
APMMEA and APMMEA-WB Huntsman APMMEA-WB and APMMEA amine neutralisers provide optimum pH, emulsion stability and enhanced pigment dispersion, have low viscosity and are essentially colourless.
BioWet The BioWet range of biodegradable, non-ionic chemicals are wetting agents used for water-borne or water-based applications. These wetting agents offer reduced static and dynamic surface tensions, some also have FDA compliance for direct and indirect food contact.
Bituminous Products A variety of bituminous products are offered by Clydebridge Chemicals including: Bitumen paint and mixtures containing either xylene or white spirit. Bitumen products can be used for a wide variety of applications such as adhesives, primers and coatings (e.g. waterproofing roof surfaces).
Capstone Fluorosurfactants Capstone Fluorosurfactants are fluorocarbon-based surfactants which are extremely effective even when used at extremely low concentrations (0.001% to 0.1%).

They enhance wetting, leveling, anti-cratering, dirt pick-up resistance and oil repellency in many applications including: paints, waxes, polishes, cleaners, films and adhesives. Work well when applied to stone, tile and paper substrates.
Capstone Impregnators and Sealers Capstone Penetrating Sealers protect a surface from water and oil-based stains by preventing penetration into the surface of the material. Recommended for use on stone, tile and paper substrates where Capstone Penetrating Sealers don’t alter the substrates appearance.
Chemal® Chemal® surfactants can be used in a variety of applications including metalworking, metal cleaning and homecare, industrial & institutional (I&I).
Chemax® Chemax® surfactants are used in a many applications including metalworking, plastic, textile and homecare, industrial & institutional (I&I) products. Chemax® NP-6 also has applications within the construction market as an emulsifier, foaming and wetting agent.

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