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4Man Multifunctional active for male skin care.
Abyssinian Oil & derivatives Natural moisturisers and emollients
AcquaBio Skincare active for skin barrier restoration, long-lasting moisturisation, optimises dermal water-balance.
Activeshine Amazon 3R Natural sensory modifier for hair
Agen New anti-aging active which uses an epigenetic mechanism of action, and is composed of the synergistic combination of apple extract and supercritical ginger extract.
Albatin® Innovative and alternative inhibitor of melanogenesis
Algisium C® Organic silicium stabillized by alginic acid
Alistin® Photo-aging prevention
APT Marine derived active
Arct’Alg® Natural extract of a polar red alga offering energetic strength
Ascorbosilane C® Potentialized Vit C with smart delivery silicium technology
Aurasphere Aurasphere wrinkle-blurring actives minimise the appearance of wrinkles and lines, providing a soft, comfortable film. Optically scatters light, veiling wrinkles.
Auxistim G® Skin's cells metabolic stimulation
Baja YE Baja YE yucca extract from Desert King
Beeswax & derivatives Traditional waxes with ability to produce rich, creamy textures

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